We've pulled together the top Cybersecurity and Anti-Fraud global experts to help you better your craft no matter what stage of your career you are in.

Check out the line up you get full access with the VIP Pass:

  • Cynthia Hetherington - Founder Hetherington Group
  • John McClurg - SVP & CISO Blackberry
  • Nick Espinosa - Chief Security Fanatic | Forbes Tech
  • Frank Casey - SEC Madoff Whistleblower
  • Craig Pedersen - Forensics, OSINT, Fraud, Cybersecurity
  • Geetha Rubasundram - Chartered Accountant/Lecturer
  • Heidi Weber - Whistleblower, CBS Associate Producer
  • Kelly Paxton - Pink Collar Crime Expert
  • Leah Wietholter - CEO, Workman Forensics
  • Melissa Goddard - Owner, FACT Financial Investigations
  • Michael Anaya - The "OG" of Threat Hunting
  • Naomi Buckwalter - Director, InfoSec & Privacy
  • Robyn Shaw - Owner, Facts & Figures Forensics
  • Sherrie Cowley - Director of IT Security & Compliance
  • Thomas O'Malley - Founder, Frozen Pii, Prosecutor (Ret.)
  • Dean Sapp -VP Information Security Risk Compliance
  • Nathan Mueller - Reformed Fraudster/Owner Int. Ethics
  • Dr. Martina Dove - Behavioral Expert
  • Sally Illingworth - Technologist & Strategist
  • Ebenezer Allen - Owner, Allen Forensics
  • Thomas Isom - CIPP, Lawyer
  • Dr David Soldani - CTO & Head of Innovation
  • Shamane Tan - Chief Growth Officer
  • Mark Anderson - Special Agent (Ret.) Anderson Investi...
  • Matt Spaier - Private Investigator
  • Dr. Jimmie Lenz - Duke FinTech Cybersecurity
  • AJ Kahn - CEO, Vehiqilla
  • Dom Vogel - Founder & Chief Strategist Cyber.sc
  • Steve Landes - Cyber Interpreter
  • Jim Van Dyke - CEO, Breach Clarity
  • Parker Russell - Council & Compliance Director
  • Scott Furhiman - Veteran Tech Executive
  • Jordan Hudgens - CTO, Bottega
  • Daniel Coley - IT Director
  • Dr. Marybeth Finn - CAO, Bottega University
  • Ben Jenkins - Owner, Wodobo
  • Ben Nicklaus - Senior Instructor, Bottega
  • Allyn Roberts - BCDR
  • Isaac Painter - Security Training & Awareness Mgr


Whether you fight fraudsters that steal money or hackers that steal data to sell for money, we fight a common adversary. It's time we converge these two disciplines and collaborate people, processes and technologies.

CyberCraft® Continuing Professional Education (CPE) is meant to be different than what has been done for decades. We bring together the world's best industry experts and provide the most relevant training for fighting today's hackers and fraudsters.

CyberCraft® simply makes earning CPE simple, affordable and fun.


It's about YOU bettering YOUR Craft.

Whether you are brand new to the industry and trying to break in or have decades of experience, our training is for you.

Each of our courses comes with the following:

  • Course Description & Learning Objectives
  • Quiz to test learning and earn CPE
  • Online, mobile friendly access
  • Take at your own pace (1 year to complete)
  • Forever access to course content
  • Instant certificate of completion after passing quiz
  • Ability to engage with other peers taking the course

Note: Self-study CPE is issued based on conforming to standards generally accepted by professional certification bodies like the ACFE, IIA, ISACA, ISC2 and others.

Because requirements can vary, it is your responsibility to ensure self-study CPE credit can be accepted.